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About a month ago I started ranting on my issues with App-madness and today I see that YouTube was listening.

Ok, so I can’t take the credit but I feel so very vindicated that Google/YouTube is doing some of the right thinking. The new mobile version of YouTube is great and there is nothing that app offers that would make me want to have it instead.

Ars Technica has done a review with some screen caps. Here’s to a whole new era of thinking with the hopes that we’ll be seeing more of such implementations soon and less of useless web appropriate apps.

For a while now, I’ve been going back and forth on the current App-madness that continues to rage in the emerging tech space. It has infected everything. First phones, then tablets and now TVs. Professionally speaking, I’m squarely situated in the center of it and have worked on them (who hasn’t at this point?) as well as downloaded, used, enjoyed and hated them on multiple platforms. Ever since Apple created enough object fetishism and cultural esteem in their products, the masses are overwhelmingly accepting of Apple’s heavy handed control of any and everything that can ‘legally’ be put on their device. The only loophole, the single beam of hopeful light is the browser’s ability to access the web. Fortunately, the internet is still not under Apple’s Machiavellian ‘guidance’ but I’ll say that in a low whisper in case big brother is listening.

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